oonphoto is a photo lab that makes higher quality pictures from both film and digital sources. We do traditional black and white prints on fiber and resin coated papers, and color prints on photographic and archival papers. We offer the finest restorations of old photographs. Digital services include film and print scanning, retouching, file adjusting, and giclée printing.

Bob Mullins, owner          Photo by Phyllis Dukes ©2002


Moonphoto History. Our Background. Over 39 Years in the business.

e opened our lab in 1974, when we saw a need for a professional Black and White photo lab in the Seattle area. We wanted to do something we were good at, that we liked to do, and that was needed: high quality black and white. Develop the film, print the negatives. On fiber, or resin coated paper. Tone it if you like. Quality always.

From the first location, our business grew steadily, and in 1987 we opened a second shop. In 1994 we began offering scanning, retouching, and color digital prints. In 2000, we again expanded our services to include color film processing and printing. In 2005 we upgraded our scanning and digital printing services, offering better whole roll scans and Giclée prints.

We still develop our true black and white film by hand, and do traditional B&W printing on enlargers by hand, using classic methods and materials. We believe traditional black and white photography is here to stay, though it will occupy a smaller niche. The exquisite quality if film and an optical fiber print is something special, and is not duplicated by the latest digital methods. Film is still a vaible option.

We will continue to offer the finest in traditional black & white processing and quality color prints. We continue to provide high quality scanning and unsurpassed restorations of treasured old photographs. Digital capture and editing of images has its advantages, and we have now embraced the best digital printing methods.

Over the past 39 years, our success has been confirmed by the praise and recommendations of many photographers, both professional and amateur. We can thank our staff, present and past, who have helped us with good work and suggestions along the way. It is only with the concerted honest work of many people that a business like ours can keep going for over 30 years. A special thanks to our valued customers, some of whom have been with us from the beginning. Thanks for your support!

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