Standard Grade Prints

These Standard Grade prints are video analyzed and adjusted by trained eyes, corrected for color and density. Printed using vivid inks on long lasting inkjet paper. Sizes up to 8×12.

Minimal cropping included if necessary. Choice of thin white borders or borderless. From 35 mm or 120 negatives or digital files.

Digital files can be sent to us via WeTransfer, or bring it in to us on a usb flash drive often called a thumb drive, and we can adjust it together.



Standard Grade Prints & Enlargements Pricing

Our standard grade prints are judged by a person trained to optimize each print for contrast, color balance, and density. Minimal cropping, up to 8×12 size. From digital files, or 35 mm or 120 negatives. Choice of thin white borders or borderless.

Additional print prices are for the SAME image.

We offer discounts for quantity orders. (10 or more copies of the same print). Please call for a quote.

4x5, 4x6, 3.5x5

Print $3.00

  • First Print: $3.00 ea
  • Add’l Copies: $1.50 ea
  • 20+ different imgs: $.72 ea (4×6’s only)


Print $4.00

  • First Print: $4.00 ea
  • Add’l Copies: $2.50 ea


Print $8.00

  • First Print: $8.00 ea
  • Add’l Copies: $4.50 ea


Print $13.50

  • First Print: $13.50 ea
  • Add’l Copies: $8.00 ea


Print $16.00

  • First Print: $16.00 ea
  • Add’l Copies: $9.50 ea

NOTE: Custom treatment can be performed on the Standard Grade Prints including cropping, dodging, burning, critical color balance, minor retouching, converting color files to B&W or Sepia (recommended for older photos/restorations). Add $6.00 per file.



  • Add Lettering / Logo to Digital File $15.00


File Prep

  • File Prep for Printing $6.00 minimum



  • Additional Spotting / Retouching  $2.50 minute


Tone Adjustment

  • Tone Adjustment – Conversion to B/W or Sepia $6.00


Archival / Giclee Printing

These custom Giclee prints are given extra time and attention. Minor retouching such as contrast, color balance,  dodging and burning, and dusting will be done at no charge through Photoshop and Camera Raw if necessary. Printed using archival papers and inks, these prints will last 71 to 100+ years, depending on paper and storage conditions. 

definitely recommend

" . . . I wanted to restore this picture for my mom, so I did some research online and Moonphoto came highly recommended. Moonphoto offers both digital restoration which they will then print up for you on high-quality photo paper or will delicately restore the original picture by hand. We chose digital restoration as it was cheaper. My husband met with them for an initial evaluation and estimate of the work. He felt the artist was informative and experienced, with a reasonable price and quick turnaround. Moonphoto completed the job earlier than expected and did some amazing work. For a small extra fee they even gave us the digital restoration file on thumb drive. I can't wait to give my mom this picture and I would definitely recommend them." 

Nicole B, Bellevue, WA (Yelp)


Miracle workers.  I found a disposable camera from the mid-1990's in a storage locker.  There was no chance of getting images off that roll.  They somehow milked a tiny amount of color from the pitch-black negatives, and came up with useful photos.  Amazing.

Steve V, Seattle, WA (Yelp)

moonphoto does a great job

Whenever I see my negatives back from the lab, I am reminded why I love b/w photography and am willing to pay so much for it.  Moonphoto does a great job! If you request scans, they will scan the sugar out of those negatives! Each image could be scanned to 4mb+ per image.  Zoom in on those to see every single film grain, I love it!  I did notice a bit of dust on some of the images, which I guess can happen.  Could have been any number of factors, as the majority of the images came out beautifully. I have only come in once so far, so I have no experience with their printing of images but it seems like they have a variety of options and I would imagine they would do an excellent job based on their care to the eight rolls and scans that I brought in . . .

Brian L, Chicago, IL (Yelp)

they make everything look better

Twice now, I'm have brought special travel images to Moonphoto to print (Ugandan wildlife and a Maui humpback) and both times have been very happy. Not only do they do a beautiful job enhancing every image, but they also seem genuinely enthused about the stories behind the shots. They make everything look better and seem to have fun doing it.  Highly recommend.

Cathy G, Seattle, WA (Yelp)

I recommend Moonphoto without a doubt!

Moonphoto has done an amazing job enlarging one of my engagement pictures. I say that because this one specific picture was low resolution but still they were able to enlarge it to the size I wanted and the result is outstanding ! Excellent customer service. Staff very friendly. If you are looking for a lab to print your pictures I recommend Moonphoto without a doubt!

Cintia B, Mountlake Terrace, WA (Yelp)

great confidence in their work

I was referred here by a photographer friend, when a 10 year old sepia portrait started showing discolored spots. I didn't even have a digital coy, only the print, so I wanted it fixed up right! The result is even better than I'd hoped for. The portrait looks better than new, and I got several copies made. The cost for prints and retouching work was extremely reasonable. Moonphoto is THE place to take your precious photographs! They were extremely professional and respect the art, whether it's a landscape or an artistic nude. Great confidence in their work.

A.F., Seattle, WA (Yelp)

this is the place to go

Moonphoto has print quality you're not going to find in many other places. I've had my work printed through several professional printing companies over the years, but nothing has ever quite been like when I was in photo school and had full control over ensuring my images looked exactly as they did on my computer screen. Moonphoto will give you just that. I might also add that I needed a rush print for a last minute wedding expo project, and they were able to have my prints to me same day. So I really appreciate them for that! If you're serious about having your work in print, this is the place to go.

Jacquelyn P, Seattle, WA (Yelp)

A++ services

Moonphoto has done enlargements, scanning, retouching of old photos, and digital printing for me. Their work is detailed and quite beautiful. I've exchanged email, talked in person, and over the phone and the customer service is very friendly. . . A++ services.

Epicurean P, Seattle, WA (Yelp)

so glad to have found moonphoto

I am so glad to have found a lab that knows how to expertly process film over 50 years old. I have several rolls, and Moonphoto is right in my old neighborhood!

Susan W, Auburn, WA (Yelp)

Friendly. Knowledgeable. Reasonable prices.

I've used these folks on and off over the past 15 years, and much more so in the past year and half because I've gone back to primarily shooting film again AND I live much much closer than I did before. Win-win. Friendly. Knowledgeable. Reasonable prices. There are a couple mail-order shops I send stuff to occasionally when I have a huge run of rolls to get done, but more often than not I just take my stuff to Moonphoto because even though they're a bit more expensive, they do just as good a job and I can chat with them and give my scratch to this great local shop rather than sending it elsewhere. Normally I just get film developed only, uncut but the few prints and scans I've ordered have always come back looking to have been done with almost as much care as I'd have given them.  Quality photo shops are few and far between these days.... Bob and his crew are, and always have been, one of the good ones.

Kevin R, Olympia, WA (Yelp)

great job

These guys did a great job with my photos!  I'll be coming again...

Laleh J, Los Angeles, CA (Yelp)


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FILE TRANSFERS - What is the best way to send my files to you? If possible, come into Moonphoto and bring in your files on a USB flash drive or memory card. That way, we can go over your images with you and do any cropping, resizing and other adjustments needed. If you need to transfer your files, please view instructions here.