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Old photos or current photos with blemishes and flaws, scratches, stains, or most any problem, can be completely fixed and corrected. People or items can be added or taken out of the photo; just about anything you can imagine can be done. We typically work more than the amount of time we end up charging for.  We take pride in our retouching and restorations; With over twenty one years of digital photo retouching experience, we can make your photo look great! View our Gallery below for some examples of our work.



We have more experience restoring your old photos than anyone else we know of. We take the utmost care scanning and restoring your aged or damaged photos, so they will be around for generations to come. We utilize years of experience coupled with the best software available to retouch, adjust, enhance, colorize, crop, and prepare for printing. We always strive to maintain the character and feel of the original print.


6751 8th Avenue NW
Seattle, WA 98117, USA
(206) 783-3377

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Mon - Wed - Fri: Noon – 6pm
Saturday: 11am – 3pm
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FILE TRANSFERS - What is the best way to send my files to you? If possible, come into Moonphoto and bring in your files on a USB flash drive or memory card. That way, we can go over your images with you and do any cropping, resizing and other adjustments needed. If you need to transfer your files, please view instructions here.